My version of garage simulator...



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    Doug Stack

    PC is a older AMD 2.66g with 4gig ram and a bestbuy $80 XFX 1gig video card - works perfectly for old system

    using windows 8 on it

    for my "cage" I used the 10X12 black mesh tarp from HarborFreight ($25 each on sale)

    I mounted the cage using home tv antenna mast (4 5ft sections) and the mast mounts

    I used the interlocking shower curtain rings to hang the tarp and connected the top tarp to each side across the top

    basic golf tarp with the play room interlocking pads (Harbor Freight)

    Projector via Craigslist (NEC 690 made in 2007) have it set on 1600X1280 I think ($200)

    projector screen is used billboard tarp (18mil thick?) from used tarp website found via this site ($40)

    more as I recall and/or get asked...


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