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Just thought I would add my sim to this forum. The floor for the sim is 10' deep by 12' wide. The screen is 8' X 10' wide. I built the floor for the sim out of 3/4" plywood then put underlay and cheapo outdoor carpet on top of that. I glued the carpet to the underlay. I cut a rectangular hole for the Opti-Shot and ran a USB cable to the computer that I had hanging around here. Total cost for the floor around $200.00.  I built the frame out of 3/4" EMT (electrical tubing) and joined the pipe together with canopy fittings that I ordered in from the states. Unfortunately these fittings are very hard to find here at home as a Canadian dealer seems to be non-existent. I bought the impact netting from West coast netting in Arizona in white for the screen and black for the sides. This netting is heavy duty and  West coast will make to order. Delivery time was about 2 weeks. Nets all total about $400.00. Tubing about 80.00 and fittings round $60.00 including shipping. Nets are held on to the tubes with TY rapps (zip ties for you yanks) I got really short bungees from Cabellas for the back netting. I picked up a Ben Q short throw projector for 560.00 new and mounted it approx. 9 feet back from the back net. It throws a 125" diagonal picture from that distance and I get no shadows on the netting as the projector is mounted just forward of the Opti-shot unit on the floor. What you don't see is the projector screen (10 ft. wide) for watching movies that is mounted inside the netting. Case on the screen is black also so does not show. Had this rig up for about a year now and I hit real golf balls into the netting and it is showing no signs of wear. Found that the image from the projector was bleeding through the netting so I found a blackout curtain set from fabric land and mounted them on the back so no more problem with that. Cost of those less than $30.00. As you can see from the pics the image is plenty bright with the lights up and more so with the lights turned down and the Opti- Shot illuminated by a CFL bulb.

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