My simulatorroom




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    Jim R

    This is awesome... Where did you get your mat and enclosure?  How wide is the enclosure in feet?

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    Karsten Müller

    Hi Jim

    Thank you for the reply. The mat is an old mat from my local golfclub it was used on the drivingrange, i bought it cheap when they replaced them for some new ones.

    Couldn´t find enclosure in the dictionary. But think it is the room where the simulator is in? The room itself is 4 meter wide and 6 meter deep.

    I have build it myself with a skelet of planks and chipboards. It is build in a corner of my workshop, so 2 of the walls is bricks that have been  water shed.

    Half of the room nearest to the projection screen is covered whit black felt carpet on the walls and ceiling. I think it gives a cool look and it also helps to keep the room dark and attenuates the sound when the balls hit the screen.

    The projektor i have used is a 3D ready Optoma GT750. Maybe someday Optishot will be in 3D :-) 

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