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    Andrew J Burnside

    If I doubled or tripled up the billboard tarp, do you think it would withstand a real golf ball?  I'm looking at the website

    and see that I could buy a big enough tarp to layer it without a seam.  What do you think?

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    TJ Crawford

    Yes absolutely, I think one layer would do that but the extra ones would give you piece of mind.

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    kasey kurtz

    how do you stop the bounce back? i tried this with foam balls and they really come back hard. I hung the tarp from the ceiling and let it hang loose on the sides. my ceiling is 8'-6" and the tap is about 10' tall so there is 1'-6" of extra material that rests on the floor. Do you think it would be more absorbent if the screen did not touch the floor?

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    Claude Vargo

    The next step up is Carl's Place, awesome service on exchanges etc. I ordered a 10'x12' but my Optoma x305st shortthrow projector would not conform so I exchanged it for a 10'x9' custom which took the same time to get. I do have the black edging on mine with the eyelets on all four sides, hold it up with a 1" x 9' PVC and 1/2" x 9' PVC on the bottom to stretch it. Works perfectly! They also sell remnants at:
    Good luck all!
    Claude Vargo

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