increasing floor height




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    Rod Gravel

    I realize this is a year old, but I was wondering if anyone has tried this and could say how it held up?



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    I made something similar with 2 plywood boards and green carpet rug. Works great, though I didn't do the backing for the floor and every now and then the board moves from my swing inertia. I may go back to Home Depot for the backing.

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    Steve Tessman

    1) I used a 4'x8' sheet of half inch plywood ripped in half then glued & screwed together. 2) Carpeted top and wrapped carpet over edges and screwed and glued on back side. 3) Used 2 old duffle bag straps looped and screwed on back side (behind player stance position) for ease of lifting and storing. 4) Applied pointy side of velcro to edge of Optishot pad and snuggled up against overlapped carpet edge of plywood tee surface. (Velcro may not work with plastic type IO carpets). This works out fine for me.

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