Use Medium Shag Carpet on Sensor.



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    Bret Richards


    That is a nice idea.  But, what you can do is get a golf simulator guys 1 piece tee line mat.  Below are pictures.

     Here are the features:

    • 1 piece mat system

       * you remove the optishot turf top and place it under their mat

    •  Gel insert

        * It has a gel insert that is a mold that is opposite of the optishot that squares the optishot.

        * The insert softens the impact and reduces the sound.

    • 1 1/8" Tee Line turf

         *  Allows for a regular tee to be placed directly into the mat.

         * No rubber tee.

         * There is a white do painted on the mat so you know where to place the ball.

         * Very dense turf to emulate real turf.   

         * Turf made from nylon and not plastic.

    • Rubber Pad:

    • Pad is rubber

       *Joint in back so the mat fold for easy storage.

       * Combined the pad and turf are closed cell so they can be washed by hosing it down

    • Putting Extension/Stance Mat

       *They include a putting extension for an aiming tool

       * They send the hole cutout to be placed back into the putting extension.

       * Then the putting extension doubles as a stance mat for opposite handed players are over to play.


    All in All this is the best optishot mat hands down.


    Here is link to their website:

    Here is a link to their videos:

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