Using OptiShot with 8 foot ceilings




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    Scott Maxie

    even better now that I have edited my club set by increasing the distance factor on most of my irons to 115%

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    Art Tremble


    I got my Optishot for Christmas and currently have the same situation that you have. I have 8'4" ceilings and can still play a full round without too much trouble. Since I wasn't prepared for the system, I have to utilize our entertainment room until I remodel a room upstairs and change the ceiling height to 9'. 

    At first I had some issues getting accurate feedback.  I read some of the "User tips and tricks" and changed my club offset to .50 and that eliminated a lot of the open face misreads. I also had my distance factor set over 100%  because I wasn't getting what I felt to be accurate distance, but after playing a few times I've dialed it back down.(Must have been winter rust).  Turning up the room lighting made a big difference also. I do choke down on most of the clubs just to be safe and use my 5 wood as my driver. Now if I could just get comfortable with the putter.  I have all winter to practice I guess.


    Does anyone have advice on sand shots?

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    Scott Maxie


    I just measured my ceiling and it is 7' 11".  I wear shoes to bring me up to the level of the swing pad, so take off another 2" and my clearance is 7' 9".  I have not had any problem with height other than crazing the ceiling once on the first day.  Hundreds of very full/hard swings since then by both me and my guests.  I use a choked up 8 iron and have guests use a choked up 9 iron. No one touches the swing pad with their shots and all shot results are very very accurate.  So, I do not see any big advantage to using a full set of clubs..i.e. the actual club would not improve on the results I suspect.  It is all about club path, face angle and swing speed....and setting up club set.

    The only change I have made to my club set is to increase most of the irons to 115%;  This gives me the exact results from a good swing that I get on the course.  I have not edited the woods or wedges at all.  I played with offset but set it back to default after discovering that the large slice and hook errors came from lighting.

    I now use a standing lamp with a energy saver fluorescent bulb directly above the swing pad.  This has solved all wild results.  Any wild shots now are a result of bad swings, not OptiShot.  Lighting is very important.

    My putting improved when I switched to an old Bullseye putter with a straight blade.  Putting is now very very accurate.  My newer putter had the grip applied such that a pronounced forward press was required to square the face...I do not putt that way, something discovered thanks to OptiShot.

    Sand shots are pretty easy.  I open the face a bit , aim left of my target and swing inside/out same as on the course and results are exactly the same. OptiShot deducts a bit of power due to being the sand of course ...same as it does in heavy rough....which is the same as real golf.

    My handicap this season after 40-50 rounds was 9 and so far my best OptiShot round is 82 at Pebble Beach.  Not if I could just stay out of the Pacific Ocean.  Anyway my point is that with no gimme putting and no offsets on clubs, from middle tees, with a low ceiling and with no swing pad contact, it is possible to 'work' the ball and get direction and distances to score realistically.  My weakest area now is chipping which will take a lot of practice going forward....interesting that this is also my biggest problem on real maybe that is also me, not OptiShot?

    I delayed buying OptiShot for months thinking I did not have the ceiling height.  Thrilled now to learn it does not matter. Only lighting and setup up matter.

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    Art Tremble

    Thanks for your input Scott.

    I've only played about 5 rounds since the holidays. I Currently use PW, 9, 6, 5W and putter. I found that easier than pulling my bag out of the closet. I assume that it doesn't matter what club you use... e.g. PW for a GW shot, 6 iron for a 4 iron shot. If it does.. please let me know.  I figured after the first round by using an economy of clubs it would make it easier and the more important thing is getting swing reps in while I'm waiting for Mid April to arrive. I have grazed the ceiling more than once. I do stand closer to the ball and therefore my swing arc is a bit steeper, hence the reason why I will most likely have a higher ceiling at some point.

    Sand shots, I will try to open the face on my wedge to see if that improves the ball flight. I will also try the florescent lamp trick and see if that improves my shot outcome. So far it's been pretty true, for instance when I don't release my hands .. as I tend to do on half shots the ball goes right.. as they do in real life.. one of my weak points I need to work on.

    The only question I have is the 115%.  Did you increase your distance or swing speed?

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    Scott Maxie

    I only use 8 iron for all shots (putter for putting) and get accurate results with the following changes to the default club distance and Distance factor only:

    • LW 60yds 100%;  
    • SW 75yds 90%;    
    • GW 90ds 105%;  
    • PW 105yds 110%;
    • 9iron 125yds 115%;  
    • 8iron 140yds 115%;   
    • 7iron 150yds 115%;   
    • 6iron 160yds 115%;   
    • 5iron 170yds 115%;   
    • 4iron 180yds 115%;   
    • 5W 205yds 100%;   
    • 3W 220yds 100%;   
    • 5W 240yds 100%;  

    re release, I find if I keep my head behind the ball and hips at impact, the wrists must release to close the face (occurs automatically).  Conversely, if my head is ahead of the ball and/or hips at impact, my brain automatically blocks the release to keep the face open. Obviously if the upper body is ahead of the lower body at any time, the swing plane will be outside-in, starting the ball left of the target (for right-handed player) and necessitating the block. Since the release provides maybe 40% of the power/speed it is very important and I work on this all the time during the season. I have found OptiShot is a great feedback tool for this and I believe has increased my clubhead speed and swing plane considerably.  We will see in the Spring.

    question: do you hit the ceiling when you do not release?  I expect the release tightens the arc and therefore keeps the club below ceiling height. The one time I grazed the ceiling I think was a big block

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