How to Use OptiShot

This section explains how to interact with OptiShot to make changes various settings and to how to display specific information.



The Main Menu window is where you begin your OptiShot experience.


As you can see above you have the options to begin to Play a Game, to Practice on a course or the Driving Range, or go to a Saved Game. Additionally you can get to the Manage Players window or access the Support website and online User Guide. This is also where you Exit OptiShot.

Details on these actions can be found in the Game ModePractice Mode and Creating & Managing Players sections.




In each of the 4 corners of the Optishot window are Menu buttons. These open the function-specific menus.

The menus


Shot INFO menu

 The Shot Info Menu is located in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

Here you can access commands related to the last shot taken:

  • Replay - show a replay of the last shot taken
  • Show Aiming Guide - shows or hides the aiming reticle.
  • Show tracers - shows or hides all shot tracers from the screen

  • When in Game Mode you will also see:
  • Mulligan - this applies to the last shooter
  • Drop Ball - move your ball to a better lie
  • Pick Up Ball - concede the hole

  • When in Practice Mode you will also see:
  • Always Follow - set whether to follow the ball

Location menu

The Location Menu is located in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Here you can access commands related to your current location:

  • Flyby - a short video flight from tee to green
  • Elevated Camera - switch your current view between ground level and elevated

  • When in Practice Mode you will also have:
  • New Hole/Target - Submenu to move to a different hole on this course or a different target on the Driving Range
  • Change Course - Submenu to move to a new course

Clubs Menu

The Clubs Menu is located in the lower right hand corner of the screen.
Here you access all commands related to your clubs:

  • Manage Clubsets - open the Clubsets window
  • Edit Clubset - edit the clubs in the current clubset
  • Select Ball Type - submenu to change the type of ball you are using


Tools Menu

The Tools Menu is located in the lower left hand corner of the screen.
Here you access global functions:

  • Swing Statistics - access the Swing Statistics window
  • Settings & Options - access the Settings & Options window
  • Keystrokes - see all of the hotkeys for OptiShot
  • Main Menu - exit Play or Practice and return to the Main Menu

  • When in Game Mode you will also have:
  • Save current round - save the game
  • Scorecard - display the scorecard for the game 



 You can perform a variety of actions in OptiShot using your keyboard. Below is a list of these actions and the keystrokes that will activate them.

Note: Ctrl refers to the Control key on your keyboard. Ctrl+A means that you hold down the Control key and the A key at the same timeEsc is the Escape key, usually found in the upper left corner of your keyboard. F5 and F9 refer to the function keys at the top of the keyboard.

Action Key
Perform a Flyby F
Change aim to the left * Left arrow
Change aim to the right * Right arrow
Select a longer club Up arrow
Select a shorter club Down arrow
Change Shot Type Ctrl+Up Arrow, Ctrl+Down Arrow
Edit the current clubset** E
Change handedness H
Change view (Normal or Elevated) F9
Take a mulligan M
Replay last shot R
Pick up the ball P
Relocate to holes 1 through 10 1 through 9 and 0
Relocate to holes 11 to 18 Ctrl+1 through Ctrl+8
Clear currently visible shot tracers C
Turn shot tracers on or off T
Show/Hide shot data display D
Show/Hide flag marker L
Show/Hide Overhead Map O
Show/Hide the putting grid G
Show/Hide the aiming guide X
Show/Hide the Pinpoint data display A
Show/Hide the scorecard S
Show Scorecard window Ctrl+S
Show Swing Statistics window Ctrl+Z
Cancel Flyby, close scorecard display Esc
Open the Settings & Options window F5
Quit playing (and save game if desired) Q
   * You can also change aim by using your mouse. Hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse to the left or right in the main display. 
 ** You must have created a custom clubset to edit the clubs. You cannot edit the default clubsets.




The Settings & Options Window allows you to change global settings within OptiShot. To access these, click Settings & Options on the Tools menu in the lower left or you can press the F5 key on your keyboard.
The Options are divided into three pages: SettingsEnvironment & Physics and Game Rules


The Settings page contains three sections: General Options, Shot Data DIsplay and Camera View.

Metric Distance Check this box if you want OptiShot to display distances in kilometers (km) instead of yards.
Metric Speed If you have Metric Distance selected, you can have OptiShot display speeds in meters/second (m/s) or in kilometers/hour (km/h). Simply select the measurement you desire.
Ambient Sound By default OptiShot is set up to sound like a real golf course -- wind, birds and so on. If you do not want to hear these sounds, uncheck this box.
Note: The standard sounds, the swing of the club, striking the ball, the ball landing, will still be heard. If you wish to turn off all sounds, you can go to the 3DD Golf Settings window.
Show Putting Grid When you reach the green a grid appears over the putting area to help guide you in your putts. (see The Putting Grid for details.) You can elect to show or hide this grid by checking or unchecking this option.
Show Rolling Balls If you have the Putting Grid visible, this option will overlay rolling golf balls on the grid to show you how your ball will break at various points on the green.
Show Flag Marker This is the black-and-white marker that bobs up and down to mark exactly where the hole is and is visible from anywhere on the hole. You can uncheck this to remove the marker. (The pin flag will still appear showing the location of the cup.)
Automatic Flyby A Flyby is a bird's-eye tour from the Tee to the Green. This allows you to see the path the ball needs to travel to the hole. OptiShot takes you on this tour before each hole. If you do not want to see the flyby automatically, uncheck this option. (You can perform a flyby manually, see Flybys for details.)
Show Briefly This choice will cause the Shot Data to display briefly (approximately 8 seconds) immediately after each shot.
Always Show If you select this option, the Shot Data display will show all the time.
Never Show Selecting this will hide the Shot Data display entirely.
Player's View of Ball Flight This option will result in you remaining at the point the shot was taken and the ball will travel away from you down the course.
Ball's View of Ball Flight Choosing this will have the camera follow the ball through the air.
Elevate camera on Tee Box If you check this option, OptiShot will give you an elevated view of the course at each Tee. Unchecking it will result in the camera remaining at ground level at the Tee.



The Environment & Physics page contains three sections: Speeds, Penalites to shot distance when in..., and Weather

Green & Fairway speed Select your desired speeds.
Slow, Medium-Slow, Medium, Medium Fast and Fast.
penatlies to shot distance when in...
Light Rough, Rough & Bunker Select how difficult these shot are.
Easy, Moderate, Demanding and Very Demanding
Wind Select the speed for the wind. The options are: Calm, Light Breeze, Gentle Breeze, Moderate Breeze, Strong Breeze and Stong Wind
Wind direction Choose the direction of the wind.
Weather Select the weather conditions. The options are: Calm, Cloudy and Foggy


Game rules

The Game Rules page.

Here you set the rules for game play. There are two groups: Options and Putting.

Mulligans Select whether you want to allow players to take a Mulligan during game play.

Putt out in OptiShot This means that each player must putt the ball into the cup before proceeding to the next hole.
Manual entry of putts within set distance When a player lands within the distance set they will be able to enter the number of putts they believe it would take them to complete the hole.
Gimmie within a set distance Once the ball is within the set distance of the cup, OptiShot will assess a 1 stroke putt and complete the hole.
Auto Putt within a set distance When you are within the set distance, OptiShot will calculate the number of putts - these will range from 1 putt to 3 putts.





changeclub OptiShot selects the appropriate club for you based on the distance to hole and this is the recommended club for this particular shot, however you can choose to use a different club. For optimum results the club you are using should match the club selected in OptiShot. To change the displayed club in OptiShot so that it matches the club you are using, click on the arrows beside the Club field on the Taskbar. (You can also use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard.)

As you move through the clubs, OptiShot will display a picture of each club type. Once the club displayed in OptiShot matches the club you are using, you may proceed with your shot.


You can also change the entire Clubset being used. Open the Clubs menu in the lower left and click on Manage Clubsets, select the Clubset and click OK.

 Shot Type is the average shot you hit with your clubs. A low Shot Type will result in longer distances than a higher Shot Type.

In the Creating and Managing Players section we will talk about how to set a Shot Type for a particular player. This Shot Type will be applied to that player within OptiShot. However, on any given shot, you may select to change the Shot Type.

To change the Shot Type, click on the arrows next to the club display. You may also use the Ctrl+Up Arrow and Ctrl+Down Arrow keyboard shortcuts to change Shot Type.




You can play OptiShot using a real golf ball, the included foam ball or no ball at all. Which ball you use will affect the shot calculations. The ball type selected in OptiShot should match the actual type you are using in order to give the best results.

To change your ball type, open the Clubs menu in the lower right and click on Select Ball Type. In the submenu displayed select the ball type you are using: Real BallFoam Ball and No Ball.





OptiShot offers you two different views of the course. Normal (ground level) and Elevated.

At any time you can switch between these views by opening the Location menu in the upper right and clicking on Elevated Camera if you are at ground level or Ground Level camera if you are elevated. Another option is to use the F9 function key on your keyboard.


This Camera View will only apply to the current shot. The default view on any shot is from ground level.

Note: One of the choices available to you in the Options window is to have an Elevated View each time you are at a Tee Box. This setting is not affected by temporarily changing your Camera View using the arrow or keyboard shortcut.




At the beginning of each shot, OptiShot will set you up for the best alignment. At a Tee this will be toward the optimum position for your second shot. On each subsequent shot it will aim you directly for the cup.

Note: For the best results you should always stand square to the Swing Pad and swing perpendicular to the sensors.
If you need to change your aim, do not change position. Aim is handled from the keyboard.

At any time you can change your aim. To do so, click on the left and right arrows at the bottom of the screen just above the Taskbar.


You may also use the left and right arrows on your keyboard. Another option is to use your mouse. Hold down the right mouse button and drag the mouse to the left or right.

As you change your aim, you will see the Course display shift to the new perspective. Also, the Aim Line in the Overhead Map will change to show you your new orientation. You will also see the Aiming reticle in the center of the screen.

Aiming guide 



A Flyby is a bird's-eye tour from the Tee to the Green. This allows you to see the path the ball needs to travel to the hole.

By default OptiShot takes you on this tour at the beginning of each hole. However, you can turn this feature off in the Options window. At any time, on any hole, you can manually start a Flyby by clicking Flyby on the Menu or using the F key on your keyboard.

On the Driving Range the flyby is slightly different. You move out over the target flag and look straight down. This allows you to easily see the dispersion of your shots.



When you take a shot OptiShot shows you the ball's path using a ribbon-like display called a Shot Tracer.

Shot Tracer on Hole 10 of West Maui Plantation.

 A Shot Tracer remains visible for a few seconds and then fades away. You can manually clear visible tracers by selecting Clear Tracers from the Menu or using the C key on your keyboard.

When you are in Game Mode and have multiple players, each player's Shot Tracer will have its own color to allow you to distinguish between shots.

 In Practice Mode, both on courses and on the Driving Range, you can select to have the tracers for all your shots remain visible. You can turn this function on and off using the Show/Hide All Tracers icon at the bottom of the Overhead map. You will note that you can also Show/Hide All Balls.

Show all tracers

Show all tracers

The Driving Range with Show All Tracers turned on. 



OptiShot allows you to Replay the last shot taken.

To view a Replay, open the Shot Info menu in the upper left and select Replay.


If you have made a particularly tricky or difficult shot, OptiShot will show the message "Excellent Shot ! " and will replay that shot automatically for you.



Auto-Caddy is the way in which OptiShot selects clubs for you as you move through a course. When you are at the Tee, your Driver will be selected. When you reach the green, your Putter will be selected.

In between, Auto-Caddy will select the club best suited for your current distance from the cup. The distances for the clubs are defined in the clubsets. You can create custom clubsets and modify the Average Distance for a club, changing when it will be selected by Auto-Caddy.


Note: Auto-Caddy only considers distance, it does not select based on your lie. If you are in a bunker or the rough, it will still select whichever club in the current clubset is defined for that distance from the cup. As mentioned above, you can manually change the club you are using at any time.


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