DivotAction Golf Mat For Optishot

Has anybody used this got mat add on? Seems like a great idea. It's supposed to give you a more realistic feel and allow you to properly hit down on the ball.


Optishot is great but the hitting mat needs to be improved to give more give. Maybe a gel pad underneath the turf would be good. Something softer then then current pad would give a more realistic feel for the course. 

Mike Quinn

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Time to dispel a misleading claim from a competitor.
We are Custom Design Golf and the inventor and only source for our DivotAction™ surfaces. Yes, available for the OptiShot and many other golf simulator devices as well as surfaces for practice on any golf mat.
The DivotAction™ does not, I repeat DOES NOT interfere with the sensors. How could we sell such a product for over six years if that was the case. Be careful who you read reviews from and be on notice that those "facts" could simply be someone else trying to deceive you and have you look at their products. John B. Carilli, Owner/Inventor
PS: Our DivotAction™ technology is not designed for all players, but if you are able to contact the golf ball first (as you should), you then will love our surface because you for the first time ... feel the ball come off of the club face ... period!

john carilli